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Starting 25 mans soon!

With the recent announcement that Warlords of Draenor won’t be out until the Fall, we have shifted our plans from taking a break after finishing mount farming for our 10 man team, to switching to 25 mans and getting some more Heroic Garrosh mounts for our new mythic team members!

Our unofficial date for starting 25 mans is April 29th. We still have a few core spots to fill before that date, which can be viewed to the right of this post, or in our application forums! Mostly we really want a mage, warlock and mistweaver!

It’s baffling that we have not had any mage or warlock apps at all lately, but hopefully since it’s now recruitment for a not-so-far away 25 man, rather than a half-a-year away mythic team, we hope you guys will app! You will love it here. We are super cool. We want you! (especially if you’ve killed Unnerfed 10 man Heroic Siegecrafter). Hit our forums to apply!

New Website and Forums + Mythic Recruitment

Well after 7 years of raiding, it was time to update our website and our forums. This has now been done, the website was largely (read: completely) the effort of our resident warlock, Rainbowcrash, so thanks to him for that.

In other news, Heroic Garrosh has been slain! US Rank 67 for 10 mans… and if we’re even more specific US 17th for 10 man guilds that raid 3 days a week, and if we are even MORE specific, we are the WORLD FIRST guild with a mage named Zorjord.

We are now farming kills and recruiting for mythic raiding. Hit the ‘apply’ button at the top for information on how to apply. Our main recruiting priorities are listed to the right, but we are open to accepting all classes right now as we prepare for mythic raiding. Hope to hear from you soon!

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