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About Us

We are a very friendly laid back guild, where fun times are always had. We have been a raiding guild since July 2007, around the time of Karazhan!

Something that may set us apart from other guilds is how lax we are. Guild Chat and even our mumble during raids is full of laughter and joking around with each other. Our raiding environment is very relaxed, we do not tolerate drama, none of the leadership ever yells at anybody and raiders are encouraged to regularly talk about whatever is on their minds! We have personalities and aren’t just robots pressing their rotation.

That said, we take raiding very seriously and raiders must research their class, optimize their characters and not make the same mistake more than a couple of times during progression. You will never get yelled at here, but if you fail to put in the effort, or don’t have the skill, you won’t be a part of the raid team very long.

We are currently taking a slightly “casual” mindset right now and only raiding two days a week.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday: 8:00pm – 12am
Thursday: 8:00pm – 12am

All times are EST.

We like to do fun stuff outside of raid nights, such as an alt run, old content to farm achievements / mounts, and our (in)famous sporadic drunk raids. Currently there is not a lot of interest as a whole in the guild for PvP.

What We Expect from Applicants

As stated above, we value PERSONALITY and SENSE OF HUMOR, just as much as skill, attitude and experience.

We do not tolerate drama. If you get pissed off at wiping, are the type to yell at, or insult someone, or threaten to leave the raid, you do not belong here. If you cry over someone else getting loot or having to sit out you do not belong here. We like to keep a happy raid atmosphere even if we are wiping repeatedly to a boss. If you can’t do that, go away.

All players in the guild currently are at a similar level of skill, please only apply if you think you can match up. Our overall rank may not be as high as the top guilds in the world, but we are excellently ranked for how much we raid. This doesn’t just mean being able to do similar DPS as us, using your defensives/healthstones and surviving when there is little healing available, and being able to use your character to the best of its abilities while on the move are important factors too.

Raider Benefits

Other than guild repairs, flasks, enchanting mats and feasts/noodle carts, Ascension provides:

-Stability (raiding since 2007 with the same GM)
-Prioritizing having fun in raids just as much as progressing
-A raid team with members that rarely screw up
-Lots of laughter

Loot Rules

Loot will be decided by an unbiased and large loot council based on gearing the raid as a whole, rather than individuals. Factors considered are attendance, skill, upgrade value and how hot you are in real life.


If you wish to join, contact one of our officers in game:

Vdawg – Battle Tag Varun#2779

Or apply on our forums

Hope to hear from you soon!