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Three Down!

After putting our group together weeks after the expansion launched, having very little time to recruit and prepare our mythic group, and strictly raiding 2 nights a week we have managed to pull through and get to 3/7M downing Renferall and Ursoc, with Dragons half way defeated after 3 – 4 pulls. Click on the slideshow image above for screenshots. We are still recruiting a mage, warlock, and hunter. Our raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday 8 – 12pm EST. Add Varun#2779 if interested :).

We’re Back!

Since Legion is a great expansion and has brought back many of our old players from hibernation, we decided to start raiding again! We have a slightly (slightly!) more casual mindset right now, and are not going for a very high US rank but are still aiming to clear content while relevant.

We are 1/7M killing Mythic Nythendra our first night in a mythic raid.

We are raiding:

Tuesday 8pm – 12amThursday 8pm – 12am

All times EST. Currently need ranged dps, but are recruiting everything – please add me if interested! Varun#2779


After 8 years of going strong (with one small break in Cata) it’s time to call it quits.

From Karazhan to Blackrock Foundry I’ve met so many unique individuals, made lasting friendships, and even got to visit different cities in the world. However after the increasing amount of effort it takes just to set up a raid encounter before even going into it and the limited time and drive our leadership had, we have decided to call it quits as a raiding guild.

If you’re an old raider who I used to know and were checking if the guild is still alive – feel free to add me to btag for a chat, I’m probably still around Varun#2779

I love you all <3

Heroic Garrosh 25 down

Within 5 weeks of starting 25 mans, ~10 hours of raiding and <100 attempts, Heroic Garrosh 25 is down! Good job everyone! Still recruiting a few more for WoD – namely a DPS warrior and warlock :)

25 mans yay

Our first two raid nights as 25 man have been a huge success. We have cleared 11/14H and nearly took down Siegecrafter as well. Hoping for either a strong push of progression on paragons or perhaps a kill this week.

We are still looking for a Warlock or Elemental Shaman to help with that, so if you are interested please add me to battletag (Varun#2779) or apply on the forums!

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